Sunday 19th Feb 2017 - Logistics & Supply Chain

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Real time parcel tracker set for launch

A device that allows the location and condition of a parcel to be monitored in real time will get its official launch at the end of this month.

Are you ready for the challenge of the New Year?

Just before Christmas the news emerged that Amazon has applied for a patent on an airborne fulfilment system that uses an airship floating at 45,000 feet to hold stock and a fleet of drones to handle the actual deliveries.


Geodis completes tests of warehouse drones

Geodis and Delta Drone are planning to launch a prototype automated warehouse inventory system using drones early next year following completion of a series of tests.


MAN takes top Supply Chain Excellence Award

MAN Truck & Bus is the overall winner of the 2016 Supply Chain Excellence Awards with a major strategic initiative that delivered huge benefits in both customer service and inventory performance.

Malory Davies FCILT, Editor.

Artificial intelligence is coming to a potato near you…

Robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to change the future of grocery retail, more than half of senior executives believe. In fact, many say that it is already happening.


Rwanda launches world’s first emergency drone service

The world’s first emergency drone delivery service has been launched in Rwanda. The Rwandan government will now make up to 150 on-demand emergency deliveries every day to 21 transfusing facilities in the west of the country.


Pankl Racing picks Knapp shuttle technology

Pankl Racing Systems, the engine and drivetrain components specialist, has chosen shuttle technology from Knapp for its new drivetrain component factory in Austria.

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