Monday 27th May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

In search of performance

Supply Chain Standard in partnership with PA Consulting Group is conducting a survey to assess whether companies who are adopting the practices of an end user driven supply chain really do have a better performance than those who are not.

The concept of demand driven supply chain has long been held as an effective approach to supply chain performance. However, some leading companies are now taking this further and driving their supply chains totally from a consumer or end user perspective. Those that are doing this are finding they can reduce inventory, shorten their cash to cash cycle, reduce time to market and improve customer service.

A supply chain is really consumer or end user driven when it is addressing the folowing seven areas: External focus; robut fundamentals; collaborative value creation; managed complexity; waste elimination; sychronisation; and customer driven culture. The survey askes you to assess your supply chain on these seven areas by answering a few simple questions. Participants will be sent a copy of the key findings and PA Consulting will offer individual feedback on performance against your sector group if requested.

The survey will be conducted during September and October and will use a web-based format. (estimated completion time is 10 – 15 minutes).

If you wish to contribute to this important survey, go to

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