Saturday 15th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Metro Group steps up shopping experience with Gen 2 RFID

German retailer, Metro Group has achieved the first complete supplier distribution to in-store point-of-sale RFID deployment using
UHF Gen 2 standards-based systems. The implementation for Metro Group’s high-end Galeria Kaufhof department store in Essen, Germany is claimed to be a milestone for the retail industry, delivering consumer-facing RFID applications that are integrated from the distribution centre to retail smart shelves and cashier checkout stations.

The deployment, using technology from Checkpoint Systems, Impinj and Reva Systems, realises Metro Group’s vision of real-time
inventory management at Galeria Kaufhof stores and continues the company’s pioneering work on RFID. It is the first live RFID implementation to use the full suite of evolved EPCglobal standards, including Gen 2 tags and readers.

Galeria Kaufhof has been using RFID in logistics and warehouse pilots since 2003. The implementation covers a wide breadth of applications
including: Inbound goods receipt; back room real-time inventory management; fixed and handheld readers tracking real-time sales floor inventory; a Smart Mirror showing complementary clothing choices or accessories; Smart Shelves with monitors indicating available garment size and style choices in real time; in-aisle product information triggered by scanning items; and RFID-enabled point-of-sale terminals.

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