Saturday 22nd Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Premium freight service goes time-critical

Ryder Europe has launched a new Premium Freight Service which is internet enabled to provide worldwide management of time-critical deliveries.

Based at Ryder’s Transport Management Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany, managed on a 24/7 basis by its Shipment Planning & Execution Team, the service provides a rapid, trackable and accountable service for shipments that are outside the scope of standard schedules and tariffs.

‘Ryder has invested in personnel and infrastructure to bring together a pool of experts in road and air freight,’ says Nicolas Kuehnel, manager of Ryder’s Transportation Management Centre Europe. ‘The multi-lingual team allows Ryder to address customer requests in their local language – all team members speak English and German and at least one additional language.’

‘Our clients benefit from our neutral position as we are able to source the best route and carrier for each individual shipment. This could include dedicated vehicles, express airfreight, onboard courier, air or helicopter charter. We operate as an agent using selected, preferred suppliers and, because of our buying power, have already delivered considerable savings to existing customers who have adopted the service.’ 

The service is backed up by a sophisticated web-based system which provides customers with full transparency of billing, tracking of shipments throughout their delivery and customer authorisations which can be built in to speed up the process. It is a modular, bespoke system to meet individual client requirements with different levels of access and visibility being available to suit their organisation. It is accessible 24/7 and requires no installation on the client’s own IT system. It also has a built-in reminder process, linked to an SMS and email escalation procedure to alert the appropriate personnel if action needs to be taken.

Ryder has initially offered this service to its existing clients in the automotive sector and is executing an average of 50 shipments a day.

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