Saturday 20th Jan 2018 - Logistics & Supply Chain

New generation sorters offer energy savings

FKI Logistex has launched its next-generation sorters. The new LS-4000E tilt-tray and LS-4000CB cross-belt models offer a common platform designed for system flexibility and incorporate a new, advanced, energy system.

Jerry Woodhouse, managing director of FKI Logistex’ European Operations says:  ‘Our next-generation LS-4000 sorters increase handling and distribution efficiencies while decreasing product life cycle ownership costs (PLCC) without the need for expensive expansion of warehouse and distribution space or greenfield site construction.’

Incorporating an energy-efficient linear synchronous motor (LSM), the LS-4000E and LS-4000CB reduce the overall PLCC substantially without sacrificing speed, capacity and reliability. The high-speed LSM eliminates contact between moving parts, providing low levels of wear-and-tear, and very low noise levels.

The compact footprint and modular design of the LS-4000E and LS-4000CB – featuring low sorter section height and up to six metres between supports – optimises the integration of the sorters into an existing facility. This space saving design provides extra room above the sorter and on the floor, freeing up areas for sprinkler systems, conveyors, other sorters, storage containers and areas for personnel and vehicles to move through.

The LS-4000E will sort single-tray items measuring up to one metre x one metre and weighing up to 50 kilograms, although it has functionality to sort larger items if required. The LS-4000CB cross-belt sorter provides precise positioning and gentle handling and is suited to sorting high-friction and fragile items, enabling it to perform well in overnight delivery and fulfillment applications.

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