Thursday 24th Jan 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

NHS gets new online catalogue

NHS Supply Chain is launching a new online catalogue that enables NHS trusts to order goods electronically and personalise their shopping experience. Called NHS-Cat, it will include all 500,000 products handled by NHS Supply Chain and replaces the existing catalogue database. Suppliers will be able to develop and manage their product catalogues online, significantly improving the control and timeliness of catalogue changes and giving product visibility to the entire NHS.
The online catalogue will be powered by @UKPLC, who provide a similar service to both private and public sector organisations. It will also provide customers with a shopping basket facility – similar to other major online retailers which is linked to NHS Supply Chain’s ordering systems (Supply Chain OnLine and e-DC).  This will enable every NHS trust across England to order goods electronically. This solution will replace the existing NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency catalogue (e-Cat) and will include the former NHS Logistics’ catalogue.
Roger West, procurement director, NHS Supply Chain, says: ‘This is a major step forward for the NHS as electronic processes make the ordering process easy and cost-effective – this is key for busy trusts. Suppliers can effectively showcase every aspect of their range and provide critical product updates at the touch of a button to ensure that clinical and financial information is up-to-date. Data only needs to be keyed in once by suppliers which also reduces the risk of errors, and makes transaction processes easy and cost-effective. It will significantly reduce the considerable effort currently expended by both suppliers and NHS trusts managing extensive procurement product catalogues.’

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