Saturday 15th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Vehicle logistics goes green

The Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG) has commissioned Friends of the Earth (Italy), a leading environmental association with expertise in transport, to work on creating a reliable CO2 footprint standard for vehicle logistics. The study will be completed in six months and will provide a standard to measure CO2 emissions per kilometre and per single car transported by Road, Railways or Sea.

The news was announced at the 11th ECG Automotive Logistics Conference, held in Istanbul on the 5th October and attended by 260 delegates.

The standard will relate to measuring the emission of: Trucks with Euro 3, Euro4 and Euro 5 engines with the car transporters loading ratio ranging from empty to fully loaded; electric powered and diesel powered trains with 22 wagons; car carrier ships in two sizes: less than 2,000 cars and 5,000 cars or more.

‘ECG is making a substantial effort in promoting this study that will set a standard to measure CO2 Footprint throughout the automotive logistics industry’, noted Frits Mehrtens, president of ECG. ‘And we are delighted that FoE (Italy) accepted to develop it. They are a third party independent organisation with a strong track record of studies made for the European Commission as well as for the Italian Ministries of Transport and of Environment’

The study will highlight many of the inefficiencies affecting the distribution of cars and commercial vehicles and will hopefully help to cut the huge number of kilometres that car transporters run empty.

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