Sunday 23rd Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Demand planning made easier

Infor has introduced SCM Demand Planning 6.2, a web-enabled, collaborative program that provides an accurate picture of demand to drive production, inventory, distribution and buying plans across the enterprise. The product now includes role-based exceptions management.

SCM Demand Planning’s advanced statistical capabilities bring a greater accuracy to demand plans, resulting in a single, global view that provides the foundation for both sales and operations.

‘Supply chains are growing, and with this growth comes complexity and risk,’ said Andrew Kinder, director product marketing, supply chain management, Infor. ‘Infor SCM Demand Planning 6.2 places the most pertinent information into the hands of those that can act upon it. Placing accountability at the functional level means specific users now have the insight to proactively understand the impact of changes in the supply chain on their particular area and act accordingly.’

In addition to the availability of role-based exception management, SCM Demand Planning 6.2 introduces Action Memos, which provide an embedded workflow that allows critical items and their supporting products to be distributed across an enterprise. This instant collaboration leads to immediate review and faster resolution of events. Additionally, the new version provides users the ability to manage multiple products on a single screen across telescopic time periods and make mass changes to products or apply promotional profiles.

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