Sunday 21st Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Delhaize goes for Gold

Global grocery retailer, Delhaize Le Lion is implementing voice automation in its 50,000m2 grocery warehouse in Belgium, using Gold Vocal in a PDA environment from Aldata, the retail supply chain software company.

Delhaize Le Lion, which operates in seven countries, will equip its 300 operators in its grocery warehouse in Belgium to prepare all orders via voice.

Key reasons for the company selecting Gold Vocal included the fact that the solution uses a speech recognition engine and not a voice recognition engine. This has immediate benefits for temporary and seasonal operators as no voice pre-registering is required and this saves training time and costs. There is also a multi-modal solution for data capture and restitution, by which a single terminal can provide screen, keyboard, scanning and voice facilities all together. The solution also has the potential to rethink certain processes to take account of this multi-modal environment.
Gold Vocal, used by more than 6 000 operators worldwide, covers all voice systems by providing both 1st generation voice-dedicated and 2nd generation PDA-based solutions.

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