Saturday 25th May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

WCO and GS1 reach an understanding

Michel Danet, secretary general of the World Customs Organisation, and Miguel Lopera, chief executive officer of GS1, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Brussels yesterday in recognition of the wide range of business interests shared by the two organisations and to provide a framework for further cooperation.

GS1’s identification numbers can provide the WCO with global standards for the management of goods and assets, and the reconciliation of data. These standards will contribute to the WCO’s efforts to secure the trade supply chain, protect society, facilitate international trade, and increase the efficiency and predictability of customs procedures at national borders.

The two organisations agree to cooperate and maintain systematic exchange of information on matters of interest which will include the designation of contact persons to facilitate efficient cooperation, reciprocal invitations to meetings of common interest, joint training activities, exchange of experts, and support for initiatives that continue to harmonise standards in the customs sector.

GS1 will assist the WCO in the development of supply chain standards that meet the requirements of the customs community while the WCO will participate in the standards development work for the customs sector that is currently being done by GS1.

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