Tuesday 18th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

TXT closes gap between SCM and business intelligence

Supply chain software vendor, TXT e-solutions, is launching TXT Perform 2008, a solution it believes will profoundly change the supply chain application landscape, by combining both business intelligence analytical capabilities and demand & supply chain management (D&SCM) functions. The new product, available in Europe and USA from January 2008, takes advantage of new technologies being exploited through close ties with Microsoft, which make it easier and cheaper to add specialist industry software like TXT’s onto existing in-house or enterprise-wide (ERP) solutions.

Customers can expect improved accuracy in forecasting demand and so plan stock levels and deliveries accordingly. Project deployment time, costs and ROI are said to be very competitive.

The company says that TXT Perform 2008 will enable users to concurrently plan, analyse and manage their supply chains, as well as examine sales and new product introduction patterns. It is seen as the tool of choice to investigate cause-and-effect across business processes, particularly for leading companies in industries that require an agile and responsive supply chain, such as in fashion, food and fast moving consumer goods manufacturing industries.

TXT has over ten years experience and a 650-strong customer base in D&SCM software worldwide, with clients ranging from Gucci to Cadbury.

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