Monday 17th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Argentvive strikes strategic deal with iForce

ArgentVive plc, through its multi-channel market business, AuctionAssist, has entered into a strategic partnership with the specialist return goods processing company, iForce. Under the terms of the agreement AuctionAssist will provide an onward sales and auctioning solution for iForce and in return iForce will become AuctionAssist’s preferred supplier for reverse logistics.

With increasing competition in the retail sector leading to reduced prices, together with the legislative challenges brought about by the Distance Selling Act and the WEEE Directive, there is a significant and growing need for an efficient processing solution to ease working capital pressure on retailers and to maximize the value of returned goods. This strategic partnership between AuctionAssist and iForce will provide a solution to retailers and manufactures for dealing with returned stocks.

The iForce returns solution is built around a technologically advanced streamlined processing system. iForce’s software provides real time information enabling clients to pre-plan work schedules and agree [disposition/delivery] routes before the items have been received at the returns center. iForce’s clients include Tesco and House of Fraser. During peak periods iForce currently processes over 15,000 individual items per day.

AuctionAssist has developed multi-selling market making systems for disposing of distressed stocks for maximum value. AuctionAssist recently achieved ‘Merchant@’ status on Amazon and is a leading established electrical retailer on eBay. AuctionAssist is also currently developing a B2B sales channel which is expected to be launched during 2008.

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