Saturday 22nd Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Norauto signs with CHEP in Spain

The Norauto Group, a leading European distributor of motoring products and services, has joined the CHEP pallet pooling programme in Spain. Norauto has signed what is known as a ‘Responsibility Transfer’ agreement with CHEP, enabling it to play a proactive role in eliminating CHEP pallet losses. In return Norauto will receive from CHEP a tailor-made service which will optimise pallet control and therefore improve the efficiency of their operation.

One of the requirements of gaining the full economic value of the CHEP programme which retailers face is keeping track of the pallets which they are receiving from their suppliers. As part of this agreement Norauto will be using CHEP Portfolio CAT, a web-enabled tool to assist in the management and tracking of the pallets it receives. Suppliers delivering goods into Norauto will use Portfolio CAT to declare the number of pallets that have been delivered. Norauto will then be able to use the tool to confirm receipt of the equipment on-line. José Luís Barbajosa, logistics director of Norauto commented ‘All members of the supply chain, manufacturers, distributors and transporters, must work together and apply pallet management best practices relating to picking, storing and collection. We are pleased to sign this agreement with CHEP, which demonstrates Norauto’s commitment to ensure that the supply chain is operating efficiently.’

The Norauto Group has 1,000 stores and more than 10,000 employees worldwide. With a turnover of more that €1,200 million, it is the leader in the automotive equipment and maintenance sector in Europe. The Norauto Group includes Norauto, Autocinco, Carter Cash, Maxauto and Midas brands and operates in 11 countries.

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