Wednesday 2nd Dec 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

HP’s blueprint for SC sustainability

PC and printer manufacturer, HP, has published a set of guidelines for multinational companies to promote social and environmental responsibility throughout their global supply chains. Based on a report written with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA), the guidelines highlight the role of multinationals in improving standards in small and medium-sized suppliers down the supply chain.
The report, ‘Small Suppliers in Global Supply Chains’, highlights that multinationals can have a huge impact on standards in the supply chain, especially if their direct suppliers are fully engaged. Integrating management systems in business operations, following up on written requirements through audits, maintaining dialogue, engaging in industry-wide initiatives and engaging small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in capability-building activities are all crucial to achieving high social and environmental standards.
The guidelines were drawn up by HP and the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. This followed an exhaustive study of HP’s working practices, on-site assessments of 15 of HP’s suppliers based in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland and the organisation and assessment of capability-building activities.  
‘There is a clear link between companies with strong ethics and good performance.’ says Carsten Ingerslev, head of the Danish Centre for CSR part of the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency. ‘This is because customers are increasingly demanding higher standards and decent products. Through this project we have firmly demonstrated what needs to be done in order to promote strong social and environmental standards through the supply chain.’
HP, together with industry experts, provided training and advice to first and second tier suppliers. This equipped suppliers with the necessary tools to link corporate social responsibility with their general business objectives and provided a basis for developing a set of guidelines for other multinationals.
‘HP has one of the largest and most complex supply chains in the technology sector.’ said Karl Daumueller, programme manager for global procurement at HP ‘This project is about equipping our direct suppliers with the tools to meet the highest environmental and social standards, enabling them to project these standards on to their suppliers. We hope these guidelines will be used by other multinationals to boost sustainability in their supply chains.’
The project, funded by the European Commission, involved a number of initiatives designed to help small and medium-sized suppliers more effectively assess themselves. This included on-site assessments, management and worker interviews, and the development of a forum to create a supplier community to share best practices and help each other with problem solving.

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