Monday 3rd Aug 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

CEVA goes for e-sourcing

Logistics service provider, CEVA, has invested in an e-sourcing system that will automate the strategic sourcing process, from creating and managing electronic tender documents to holding online auctions.

CEVA expects to drive best-value on goods and services sourced across the enterprise, and to realise considerable process efficiencies and transparencies throughout the sourcing lifecycle.

An extensive review process was undertaken by the Central Strategic Procurement team at CEVA and the team determined that Wax Digital’s ‘On Demand’ model, combined best functionality with ease of use.

‘Wax Digital is an incredibly customer focused company and we were very impressed by the system’s intuitive interface, the team’s specialist skills and their desire to work with us to personalise the system to suit our needs, said Simon Boggis, chief procurement officer, CEVA Logistics.

‘The “on demand” model allows us to use this system as an extension of our resource. Working under CEVA’s “One Logic Procurement Initiative”, global, regional and national sourcing will be undertaken.’

Deployment of the Wax Digital solution commences initially with CEVA’s Central Strategic Procurement team. CEVA will ultimately deploy the system to its ‘One Logic’ global procurement community.

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