Wednesday 8th Apr 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Electronic invoicing gets a boost

GXS, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, and OB10, a leading global e-Invoicing network provider, today announced a global alliance aimed at significantly improving and expanding support for electronic invoicing. Through this partnership, GXS is making OB10’s e-Invoicing solution – which enables companies to conduct e-Invoicing that is compliant with European Union (EU) regulations – available as a component of GXS Invoice Delivery Service (IDS). 

The combined efforts of the two companies should help companies accelerate global business process automation in the automotive supply chain. Both companies share a common vision to deliver solutions that automate supply chain processes and complement companies’ investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, while ensuring high-quality information flows throughout the extended global automotive supply chain and other industry supply chains.

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