Saturday 17th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Extended visibility on demand

At last week’s Extended Supply Chain Conference, Sterling Commerce, announced the availability of Sterling Supply Chain Visibility On Demand, software as a service that provides partner connectivity, process integration and real-time visibility throughout a company’s extended supply chain. The software displays and summarises actionable supply chain information from all electronic trading partners and communities through a secure hosted infrastructure. 

The solution enables manufacturers, retailers, and distribution companies to maximise the number of supply chain partners with whom they do business. By extending the partner community, Sterling Commerce transforms extended supply chain data into real-time actionable data, resulting in improved operational efficiencies, lower inventories and inventory carrying costs, and greater responsiveness to supply chain disruptions.

Achieving real-time, extended supply chain visibility has been a challenge.  A September 2007 Aberdeen report states: ‘Many companies still do not have timely visibility into the critical processes involved in global supply chain management, despite the heightened attention to this area in recent years. This often prevents companies from accessing information quickly enough to be able to use it for decision making.

Sterling Supply Chain Visibility On Demand addresses the visibility challenge by leveraging an existing community and minimising the effort to collaborate with that community. With more than 19,000 Sterling Collaboration Network (SCN) customers and more than 90 global network interconnections, Sterling Supply Chain Visibility On Demand provides customers with immediate access to more than 270,000 unique trading entities around the globe. The system enables customers to implement flexible business processes and manage the flow of information regarding its mission-critical business activities across organisational and geo-political boundaries.  

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