Sunday 21st Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Sustainable transport for Ghana

Logistics services company, CEVA Logistics, is supporting Transaid, the international transport charity, with a pioneering project in Accra, Ghana. The project will provide a community of 1,000 female market workers with the means of designing and controlling a transport service that will improve their personal safety and livelihoods, grow their businesses and allow them to live a fuller family and community life.  Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Iveco, has donated three Iveco Daily vans towards the project.

The project is aimed at securing a sustainable transport management solution for the traders. Drivers and co-volunteers will also maintain and cost-effectively implement their own transport management system (TMS) using the vans. The women will use TMS to operate their businesses more effectively and to fund the purchase of further vehicles. It is hoped that by extending the idea into other communities, thousands of other female market traders will also benefit from the programme.   

CEVA’s Operations Training Co-coordinator, Shaun Dempsey, is working with professional volunteers to help implement the scheme. With over 21 years of experience in driving and instructing drivers of large goods vehicles, Shaun is training the enthusiastic and dynamic group of locals who form the core team responsible for implementing the project. ‘It was a rewarding project. The drivers were keen to learn how to improve their driving techniques. They now have a greater understanding of driving safely and considerately’, said Shaun. Rupert Nichols, director of corporate services, CEVA Logistics UK says ‘CEVA is delighted to support Transaid with this pioneering project. Shaun is an expert in the field of driver training. With his guidance the traders will be able to adopt a sustainable transport management solution that will benefit themselves, and the local community.’ 

Transaid are hopeful that the project will result in reduced transport costs bringing economic benefit for the co-operative members at a personal and community level and will help maintain stable pricing of basic market commodities. The project, anticipated to bring about social improvements for the women of Accra – meaning less time away from home and improved security also for children – aims to become a positive model for development in Ghana and beyond.

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