Thursday 23rd May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

FKI showcase sortation innovations

Automated materials handling company, FKI Logistex, is promoting energy efficiency at the CeMat exhibition in Hanover with its two next-generation high-speed sortation systems. The new ‘greener’ tilt-tray and cross-belt sorters feature a new linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive system which improves electrical efficiency and significantly reduces product lifecycle cost (PLCC), whilst ensuring easy induction into existing systems.

The launch of a new high-speed sliding shoe sorter pushes throughput rates to a new high of 400 cartons per minute or 24,000 cartons per hour. The machine has been designed for simplicity and flexibility by offering left, right or dual-sided configurations and includes an electric switch at each divert location to improve local control.

The launch of a new case conveyer system, comprising narrow-belt, motorised roller, right-angle transfer and diverter configurations, also introduces features designed to reduce in-service maintenance costs. Innovative pressure roller carriages on the narrow-belt case conveyor automatically track and steer the belt, eliminating the need for engineers to adjust tracking manually, whilst a patented band cartridge on the right-angle transfer conveyor allows engineers to replace a damaged roller in seconds rather than hours.

Manfred Schmidt, managing director, FKI Logistex GmbH, explains: ‘Central Europe, and Germany in particular, are important and fast-growing markets for FKI Logistex and it is therefore appropriate that CeMAT is the European launch-pad for these state-of-the-art material handling systems. With an extensive European network of facilities, including a major sales, engineering, customer support and service centre in Rödermark, Germany, FKI Logistex has the resources and expertise to manage every aspect of specifying, installing, commissioning, servicing and supporting our own and third-party products and services.’

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