Friday 10th Jul 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Achilles offers carbon footprint program

Suppliers monitoring company, Achilles, is adding to its sustainable procurement services by offering a carbon footprinting program. The program sits with the company’s suite of services designed to help industries manage their risks around issues like corporate responsibility and climate change.
The program will be deployed through Achilles’ collaborative industry model initially to the UK utilities industry in 2008.
Sector director for CSR at Achilles Paul McNeillis commented: ‘Several major brands in the utilities sector have shown leadership by measuring and managing their own carbon footprints. Now they want to get their suppliers lined up on the same mission to really make a difference to climate change. If each buying organisation rolls out the program to their top 50 suppliers they could amplify their positive impact in reducing carbon emissions many times over.’

The scheme is presently in its pilot phase with full roll out to the UK utilities sector in the summer and is endorsed by a set of leading utilities including Anglian Water, Scottish and Southern Energy and United Utilities. These utilities will be rolling out the programme to their suppliers in order to improve and reduce carbon emissions within the supply chain. Jo Horton, United Utilities and chair of the Achilles Carbon Footprint Steering Group observes ‘We will be seeking suppliers who are making the same commitment as ourselves to the measurement, reduction and management of their carbon emissions’.

The Achilles program will allow companies who measure and manage their carbon footprints through the program to obtain an accredited certification to share with their customers, investors and stakeholders. By harnessing the efficiencies of the Achilles community model companies will measure and certify their emissions once a year and then share the results many times with all of their subscribing customers. 

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