Friday 19th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

GXS launches China eHealthcare Exchange

GXS, has launched China eHealthcare Exchange, a B2B e-commerce platform for China’s pharmaceutical industry. The exchange was established via a partnership between GXS and Shanghai Agile Supply Chain Information System Company, a leading supply chain solutions provider in China. The platform is intended to improve the efficiency of China’s pharmaceutical industry by providing the participants with an affordable, B2B e-commerce solution for electronic transaction processing. Sinopharm, the largest pharmaceutical distributor in China, is already using the platform to increase visibility into its supply chain operations.

‘As one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in China, we are honored to be the first user of China eHealthcare Exchange,’ said Ma Wan Jun, general manager of the distribution division of Sinopharm. ‘The importance of this initiative is multifold – it has distinct and significant implications for not only improving visibility into our supply chain, but also will speed the order-to-cash process and will make us a more efficient business partner. China eHealthcare Exchange also can help us increase market responsiveness, improve warehouse management and drive profits and competitiveness in the industry.’ 

‘Supply chain efficiency is an enormous problem in China’s pharmaceutical industry due to the geographic distribution of manufacturers and distributors throughout the country. In addition, information systems among companies vary and there is no standardised pharmacy product code and data format,’ said Yang Jing Yu, CEO of Agile Supply Chain. ‘While the pharmaceutical industry in China is seeing tremendous growth, there are strong voices requesting lower prices for medications. Agile Supply Chain and GXS established China eHealthcare Exchange to provide supply chain protocol and visibility services to the players in the industry. This is exactly the right timing for such an endeavor.’

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