Thursday 18th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Pure Digital tune in to NYK

Pure Digital, a leading manufacturer of DAB digital radios, has signed a three year contract with NYK Logistics for the distribution of its products in the UK.

With more than six million people in the UK now listening to radio stations available exclusively on DAB, NYK’s ability to provide a solution which could be scaled up to support Pure’s continued growth was a key factor in NYK’s appointment.

Located at NYK’s Tilbrook facility in Milton Keynes, the operation involves the receipt and de-stuffing of containers from Felixstowe, storage and onward distribution to major multiple and independent electrical retailers throughout the UK, using a mix of NYK fleet and network vehicles.

NYK is also providing a range of value added services including product re-work and software upgrades plus quality control and functional bench-testing, carried out by specially trained employees.

Alex Lainé, director of sales operations at Pure Digital said: ‘With the current and forecast growth in our business, NYK inspired confidence in their ability to provide us with the capacity, quality of service and geographical reach that we needed going forward.

‘Looking to future markets and potential logistics requirements, NYK’s global infrastructure was also a factor major in their appointment.’

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