Monday 27th May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Galeries Lafayette invests in i2 technology

Two brands of Groupe Galeries Lafayette, Galeries Lafayette, the fashion, home and gourmet foods department stores chain, and BHV, the home improvement and decoration department stores chain, have selected i2 solutions for merchandise planning capabilities. The system is designed to enable retailers to synchronize company resources with customer demands, to increase profit margins and product turnover.
i2 solutions for merchandise planning are designed to be highly scalable and allow retailers to integrate and reconcile financial and merchandise plans. The solutions also support large-scale planning without compromising attention to detail, and provide a framework for visibility and exception resolution. The solutions can help retailers execute integrated, advanced planning processes at the right level of detail, which can enable sustained, profitable growth. With a single planning environment to streamline and standardise the planning process, flexible and intuitive workflows are used to span operational silos and disparate systems.
‘We looked at all other relevant solutions in the market and selected i2 for richness of functionality, advanced and proven technology. Furthermore i2 presented us with the strongest customer references,’ says Laurent Singer, chief information officer of Galeries Lafayette and BHV brands. ‘Our business is very complex in terms of unpredictability, seasonality and competitiveness, therefore our need for good merchandise planning capabilities is a key business priority which should help us achieve our business goals.’
‘The intense competition in the industry is driving retailers to closely evaluate how to increase efficiency across the business. The ability to align corporate strategy and retail operations can enable our customers to improve inventory control and profitability. For years, i2 has empowered retailers around the globe to maximise revenue potential by running smarter and faster operations than their competitors and we look forward to doing the same with Galeries Lafayette and BHV,’ says i2 senior vice president of Retail and Consumer Industries Chuck Kramer. 

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