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Supply Chain Standard will be hosting a live online debate on Tuesday 30th September 2008 at 3pm UK time.

Panel members include Malory Davies, editor of Supply Chain Standard, Dave Food, director – supply chain at Oracle, Alan Yates, head of supply chain strategy and logistics – UK practice at IBM and Martin Raymond, editor in chief of The Future Laboratory. Scroll down for speaker profiles. Additional speakers and their profiles will be announced in the coming weeks so watch this space.

Sustainability Could Drive Your Bottom Line

The finance, commercial, operational and supply chain elements of the business are targeted to be more profitable, more efficient and more green. This webinar will enable you to understand how these different perspectives can be used to mutual benefit and how companies today can align these business goals around the boardroom.

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“Full transparency will ensure each partner is sharing in the benefits of improvements to the supply chain.”
Lisa Dowding, UK and Ireland logistics director, Procter and Gamble.

“At the corporate level there has been a huge change in mindset over the past year as companies have started to realise that they can actually have sustainability and make money. And if they do it right, that this could even be an opportunity to become more competitive.”
John Gattorna, professor of supply chain management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney.

Quotes above from ‘The Shape of Tomorrow’s Supply Chains: The Science of Sustainability’ by the Future Laboratory sponsored by Oracle. August 2008.


Speaker Profiles:

Dave Food

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Dave Food is Director of business development for Oracle’s supply chain management applications. He has more than 25 years experience in the supply chain industry in a variety of roles including presales, implementation and development and has delivered and managed supply chain projects around the world, from Norway to New Guinea, in a wide range of industries including the automotive, food, CPG, aerospace and banking supply chains.

His role at Oracle now is to work with the “experts” in the marketplace to develop tomorrow’s approaches to future supply chain challenges, particularly in the areas of sustainability and risk. He has spent a number of years focusing on sales and operations planning, risk mitigation and supply chain design providing education, ensuring best practice and managing delivery, throughout Europe and Latin America, particularly focusing on processes facilitated by technology, which delivers value to the business.

Malory Davies

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Malory Davies is editor of Supply Chain Standard and Logistics Manager. He has been writing about supply chain and logistics issues for some 25 years and has contributed to national newspapers and business magazines as well as appearing on radio and television. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of  Logistics and Transport.

Martin Raymond

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Martin is the strategy and insight director of The Future Laboratory.  Established in November 2001, The Future Laboratory is recognised internationally for its innovative approach to trend forecasting, consumer insight and brand strategy.  Martin heads a team of futurologists and oversaw the research Oracle sponsored into The Shape of Tomorrow’s Supply Chains earlier this year. Raymond and his team work with 200 of Europe’s top grossing companies (from P&G, Nestle and BMW) to help them more effectively manage their brand strategy in relation to sustainability and developing more collaborate, ‘citizen’ based trading models.

Alan Yates

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Alan is an associate partner in IBM’s consulting practice.   He has over 25 years experience working in supply chain management, both in industry and as a consultant.  He is responsible for the Supply Chain Strategy and Logistics Solution in the UK and has worked in a number of sectors, across North and South America, the Far East, Africa and Europe.  Alan has an extensive background in leading large supply chain re-engineering and transformation programmes, and has deep expertise in supply chain strategy, procurement, inventory management, operations, warehousing and transport.  

He has been active in green and sustainable supply chain issues since 2006.  The wide-ranging green agenda covers everything from sourcing through to ‘final mile’ distribution.  IBM’s experience comes not only from helping the leaders in the market but also from its extensive operations delivering physical product to clients in more than 170 countries.  Given the immature state of sustainable supply chain in most businesses there is often a win-win available as a number of green initiatives will also deliver cost savings or value enhancements.

Emma Clarke

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Emma Clarke was the key writer of the Future Laboratory report The Shape of Tomorrow’s Supply Chains sponsored by Oracle. Emma is a freelance journalist and writes about corporate responsibility, purchasing and supply chain issues for business magazines.

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