Friday 19th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Is green the new gold?

Supply Chain Standard, in association with IBM, has organised an exclusive event for a specially invited audience of senior supply chain professionals in London’s Mayfair on 16th October between 4pm and 7pm. On the night, two key themes affecting supply chains across the world will be discussed: ‘Is Green the new Gold?’ and ‘Supply Chain Visibility: Evolution to Revolution?’

‘Sustainability’ and ‘Green’ have been the buzzwords of 2008, but what in reality do they mean for supply chains? They may sound like a threat to productivity, but increasingly they are being viewed as a timely opportunity. Leaders are already reaping bottom line benefits from adopting sustainable practices – but how are they achieving this, and what does this tell us about how different supply chains will look like in the future? The second issue of the night is visibility, a major driver towards improved customer service and cost reduction.

Spaces for this exclusive roundtable event are limited, but if you are interested in joining the debate please contact Johanna Parsons on +44 (0) 20 7970 4139 or email

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