Thursday 23rd May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Toshiba opens European logistics centre

Toshiba Electronics Europe has opened a new European logistics centre that is designed to streamline services for customers, reducing delivery times. Operated by sister company, Toshiba Logistics Europe, the facility at Weiterstadt in Germany occupies 3,000 square metres that has been custom fitted for Toshiba, including an ESD protected packing area.

Toshiba’s previous arrangements included an outsourced facility in Belgium. The new structure takes advantage both of synergies from working closely with another Toshiba group company and of the proximity to Frankfurt airport, the primary entry point for the company’s shipments from Japan and other Far Eastern manufacturing operations.

The company says the change in logistics will be completely transparent to Toshiba’s customers – except that products will become available for delivery more quickly. The first transfer takes place in October 2008 with the complete changeover scheduled for January 2009.

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