Monday 24th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Supply chain intelligence from Manhattan

Manhattan Associates has released Manhattan Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI), available for the distribution management and transport lifecycle management suites within the Manhattan SCOPE (Supply Chain Optimisation – Planning through Execution) portfolio.

It says that SCI provides at-a-glance insight into supply chain performance with customisable reports presenting analytics to enable companies can monitor the performance of key elements of their supply chain network. Features and enhancements include:

* A single user interface, technology and data architecture for all capabilities whether they are analysis, reporting or events/alerts-related.

* Role-based workbench capabilities that can be deployed both to customer users and trading partners using a consistent security model.

* Cross-supply chain insight capability with Manhattan Distribution Management and Transport Lifecycle Management product suites.

* Self-service ad hoc querying for users to get answers to questions not addressed by pre-set analyses and reports.

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