Tuesday 18th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Spanish contract for Ceva

Ricoh Europe Supply Chain Management has signed a new contract in Spain with Ceva Logistics.

Ceva is already the 3PL service provider  for Ricoh’s SCM finished goods and supplies business and now will also be in charge of the Spanish service parts satellite warehouse. This new operation, located at Ceva Spain’s site in Subirats, includes warehousing, cross-dock, spare parts and reverse logistics.

Frank Nieuwenhuis, Ricoh’s business planning department manager, said: “The second shared SCM satellite, both operated by Ceva Logistics, is an important milestone for Ricoh’s activities. Next to Italy, Spain is the second country where a shared satellite warehouse is operating. The main goal is to reduce transport costs and increase customer satisfaction by bringing the service parts closer to the customer.”

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