Wednesday 26th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

A transformational winner

The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards have found yet another very worthy Overall Winner this year in Nokia Siemens Networks.

The hi-tech telecoms networking equipment and services company took the top Award at the glitzy prize-giving event in London on Tuesday night (28th October), having impressed the judges with its transformational approach to a highly competitive market place.

The company is breaking new ground in building a supply chain that goes beyond just moving boxes to one where service and software are integrated in a seamless way.

NSN have taken a step into a part of supply chain management that is still uncharted territory, where software and hardware come together, merging products in transit at different points in its global supply chain network, determining where pre-installation or commissioning takes place – on site or in the hub – and defining an operation that will enable the company to offer highly sophisticated services for its clients.

Once again the Overall Winner comes from the hi-tech sector, following previous hi-tech wins from Infineon last year, Dell in 2004 and Cisco Systems in 2002. To some degree this is hardly surprising, given the dynamic nature and tremendous cost pressures that exist in this industry sector. Here companies are forced to consider new and innovative ways of addressing their market place if they wish to remain in business. As Gordon Colborn, director at PRTM and partners in the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards observes: ‘Competing on cost, quality and lead-times is not enough anymore, you need to operate in a completely different way to gain advantage – those in the telecoms and hi-tech sectors recognise this.’

‘What makes Nokia Siemens Networks really different is that the company is not doing it from a purely cost basis – as most companies would – NSN is looking at the supply chain to deliver growth.’

But apart from Nokia Siemens Networks there are groundbreaking wins to hear about from Kimberly Clark, Belron, Mondi, Electrabel, CitySprint, Hewlett Packard CDS, Lego Group, Guy’s & Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and Vodafone.

A comprehensive review of this year’s winners will be published in the December issue of Supply Chain Standard.




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