Thursday 25th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Chelford SAP system for drinks company

International Beverage is set to implement Chelford SAP Solutions’ SAP business platform across seven international sites, serving 250 employees, in a deal worth £500,000.

The drinks company is the international arm of ThaiBev, one of Thailand’s largest alcoholic beverage providers, which owns the Chang Beer and Old Pulteney whiskey brands.

The SAP system will replace a number of disparate applications currently in use across sites in the UK, New York, and Asia, helping to reduce reporting collation times from a minimum of seven days to hours.

At present the company has a managed IT service in New York, a separate single server in Thailand and a sole PC in one of its smaller offices, none of which were adequately integrated. This made it difficult to gain an accurate global view of the company.

Chelford, part of the Solarsoft group of companies, is expected to deliver the software within 20 weeks via its All-in-One FastStart implementation programme.

Alex Freel, International Beverage IT director, said: “All the data from all the divisions – from sales and finance to manufacturing and purchasing – have to be sent to the collation office in Hong Kong, then manually integrated and farmed out throughout the organisation, often with localised versions to accommodate language and currency conversions. The whole process typically takes in excess of seven days.

“By replacing our individually managed and siloed IT systems across our various offices with one standardised system, we will be able to vastly speed up the transfer of data from department to department, irrespective of location.

“This will enable us to provide management at all levels with the appropriately detailed view of the company or department performance. Line managers will be provided with real-time data on their particular strand of the company’s operations, while VPs and above will see how the company is performing overall across all the international divisions. All of this will be achieved within hours rather than days.”

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