Sunday 27th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Fish supplier implements Visidot

Fresh fish processor SeaChill has implemented a third Visidot application from ImageID, to help it comply with Tesco’s new retail chain requirements.

Tesco recently stated that all its suppliers needed to provide advance shipping notifications (ASNs) reporting the content of every truck delivering it goods.

Upon completion of shipping verification, Visidot creates a serial shipping container code pallet label complying with GS1 standard. The tagged pallets are then forklifted past a dock door Visidot gate on their way to the delivery trucks.

Truck numbers are associated with all relevant pallets and the Visidot director produces the ASN document required by Tesco.

Steve Wallace, IT manager at SeaChill, said: “Having already helped us reduce order lead times, Visidot now also enables us to comply with Tesco’s stringent shipping notification requirements – while increasing efficiency and assuring 100 per cent shipping accuracy.”

* Elsewhere, French poultry supplier LDC Group, has chosen Visidot Supply Chain Traceability software to help improve shipping processes in its Bourgogne distribution site.

For the new project ImageID has added more capabilities, including the patent pending DUAL technology for detection of unlabelled asset locations.

The software will replace conventional scanner verification procedures with automatic identification and data capture of multiple barcode labels.

The system will capture images of more than 800 pallets of poultry products daily, compare the barcode data with the shipping document and pinpoint any discrepancies.

Visidot is designed to eliminate shipping errors, which can result in loss of income, retailer penalties and customer dissatisfaction.

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