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Life or death choices in the supply chain

There is one field of activity where supply chain excellence can have a direct impact on your pocket – the public sector. But perhaps more importantly, it can impact on the quality of service we all receive.

Not surprisingly, the Public Sector, Service And Utilities awards category has attracted from a wide range of public service organisations. And in 2006 the overall winner came from this sector: The International Federation of the Red Cross.

Last year, the winning entry for this category came from Electrabel, the Belgium-based power generation company. On a two-year journey the company moved from a cost-plus operating model to one based on availability.

Public Sector, Service And Utilities is one of six industry sector awards that look at complete supply chain operations. But the awards also include a number of special awards that focus on smaller supply chain projects.

For example, there is an award for Customer Service And Support – an opportunity for companies to highlight specific initiatives to improve the customer’s experience and build customer loyalty.

There is everything to play for in the 2009 European Supply Chain Excellence Awards organised by Supply Chain Standard in partnership with consultancy PRTM.

The awards web site is open and the deadline for entries is 5th June so there are just a few days left to prepare your entry.

The awards are split into a number of categories – Sector Awards covering the key areas of trade and industry, and Special Awards that recognise excellence in specific supply chain functions.

Industry Sector Awards

* Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial

* Fashion, Apparel and Luxury Goods

* Grocery and General Retail

* Hi-Tech, Communications and Electronics

* Public Sector, Services and Utilities

* Pharmaceuticals, Health and Personal Care

Special Awards

* Environmental Improvement

* Logistics and Fulfilment

* Sourcing and Procurement

* Supply Chain Innovation and Improvement

* Customer Service and Support

Recognition Awards

* Team of the Year

* Individual Contribution

The awards are presented at a glittering dinner at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel before an audience of more than 450 industry leaders. This year the dinner will take place on 12th November.

To enter you first need to register at the Awards web site. You can then download an entry form and start the entry process. You can also find out more about the companies that won Awards last year. The web site address is:

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