Monday 20th May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Capgemini and IBX join forces on procurement

Capgemini America and IBX Group, the provider of e-purchasing software, are joining forces to develop an end-to-end global procurement system using Capgemini’s BPOpen technology platform.

Capgemini and IBX say the system is expected to enable clients to incur one-tenth the implementation costs over traditional implementation approaches.

“Working with the IBX Group, we’ve been able to develop this new solution that further enhances Capgemini’s standardised global procurement processes and generates accelerated sourcing savings by leveraging Capgemini’s global insight and capabilities and IBX’s Procurement on-demand solutions,” said

David Poole of Capgemini said: “We’re use Capgemini’s industrialised Global Process Model in conjunction with the IBX on-demand solutions so that our clients have access to industry-leading technologies and standardised practices.”

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