Thursday 23rd May 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Hovis in supply chain transformation

The Hovis Division of Premier Foods is targeting improved customer service and reduced waste following a transformation of its supply chain to provide traceability for every batch of bread baked across the entire end-to-end manufacturing and distribution supply chain.

The solution, developed in collaboration with Capgemini, is currently being rolled out across all 23 Hovis bakery sites.

Phil McCallum, director of IT and infrastructure at Premier Foods, said: “The traceability solution we are implementing will deliver important benefits, including improved customer service and reduced waste. We have been pleased with the expertise Capgemini has provided in this transformational project.”

The nationwide rollout has now started following a successful pilot programme involving three Hovis sites and it will be fully implemented by the end of 2010.

It automates many processes previously carried out manually, and use the inventory management, warehouse management, sales and distribution functionality of SAP, integrated with bar code scanning devices and software from Zetes to track the product off the production line and across the primary distribution supply chain, providing full visibility and control.

The project to develop and prove the new supply chain solution was led by a team of Capgemini SAP and supply chain specialists working closely with Premier Foods’ staff, with SAP, who provide the core technology underpinning the solution, and with barcode scanning specialists Zetes.

Anthoula Madden, Vice President for Consumer Products at Capgemini said: “Bringing together the right technical solution has required strong supply chain expertise and SAP capabilities. We have been working closely with Premier Foods, SAP and Zetes to make the solution work end-to-end in an integrated manner to deliver value to the client.”

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