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SCALA launches supply chain management competition

SCALA Consulting has launched The Fresh Connection, a supply chain management competition that looks to demonstrate the impact a supply chain has on company profitability and success.

It is designed to highlight the significance of sales, operations, procurement and supply chain management and promotes the need to develop integrated supply chain strategies throughout all the functions of a business.

It also aims to provide an insight into the teamwork that is required to make real and tangible improvements in the supply chain and company performance.

Teams of four supply chain professionals will take part in an interactive game designed to provide valuable training and staff development. The internet-based, role-playing simulation game is built around a virtual fruit juice producer. The challenge is to save the virtual company from its downfall and develop it into a successful company.

The game starts on 1st February 2010 and lasts six weeks with each week equivalent to half a year in real time. Each team will manage and make tactical and strategic decisions on procurement, operations, sales and the supply chain. The competition culminates with live finals and a conference in London.

John Perry, managing director of SCALA, said: “The Fresh Connection ran very successfully in Holland last year with 280 teams from some of Europe’s largest businesses taking part. It is not only very competitive, creating great team spirit, but is also a fantastic training and development tool.”

Logistics Manager and Supply Chain Standard are sponsoring the competition along with AEB International and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

Full details of the competition can be found at:

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