Thursday 27th Jun 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Fulfilling potential

Is your company ready to operate across a global network using low-cost countries? Globalisation is driving new markets, sources of supply and production units. A wellbalanced supply chain network is needed to integrate all of the components.

Companies are re-thinking their distribution networks but few have been successful in implementing a supply chain structure that helps them achieve high performance.

The answer may lie in the fulfillment cycle. To assess how fulfillment is being used to develop fresh operating models, Accenture is undertaking its latest in a series of European fulfillment studies that evaluates the effect of globalisation on the supply chain.

The survey aims to provide answers that will boost productivity, maximise opportunities and cut the total cost of logistics through globalisation.

Accenture will use the results to draw comparisons between experience and expectations as well as better understand the challenges, processes and affected functions. The results should offer guidance on how to realise successful global business performance.

Accenture’s online survey gives you a chance to state your views and learn if they are shared by others. All answers are afforded anonymity, giving you the chance to say what you really think. The survey can be completed in around 20 minutes. All participants will receive a copy of the findings. If you’d like to take part go to The survey closes at the end of this month.


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