Friday 10th Jul 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

How to stop salesmen driving up supply chain costs

Davies & Robson, the consultancy, has launched a course to teach sales and account management staff to avoid adding complexity and cost to the supply chain.

It reckons that all too often sales people and account managers are committing to services which incur unnecessary logistics costs.

Chairman Brian Templar said: “While delighting the end customer is clearly crucial, sales staff must consider the cost of the promises they make to secure additional business.

“For example, offering fast delivery lead times when these are not really required by the customer is extremely costly and unlikely to be a major factor in that customer’s purchasing decision.

“On the other hand, there are sales tactics which will naturally minimise supply chain costs, for example, concentrating sales in particular areas and encouraging named day deliveries to greenfield areas to maximise drop density and reduce delivery costs.”

The two-day course is designed to help companies explore how their supply chains operate and what actions the sales team can take to minimise costs without detriment to the customer experience.

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