Thursday 15th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Purchasing institutes agree on credentials

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing Supply and the US Institute for Supply Management have agreed a reciprocal arrangement that allows members of each organisation to apply for professional credentials from the other.

CIPS members in the UK holding the MCIPS designation will be able to apply for and receive the CPSM credential from ISM. Similar reciprocal conditions are also in place that provide pathways for professionals in North America holding the CPSM credential to apply for and receive the MCIPS designation from CIPS.

CIPS and ISM have more than 150,000 members between them.CIPS chief executive David Noble said: “This is a major step forward for the procurement profession as we continue to see an increasing demand from global organisations for procurement professionals highly qualified to a common standard across their operations. This agreement will allow members of both CIPS and ISM to have transportable professional recognition in the UK and North America and will serve to further enhance the profession’s standing and credibility as a truly international discipline.”

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