Wednesday 14th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Juice company makes the running in supply chain competition

A UK fruit juice company is leading the way in the Fresh Connection role-play game, where teams are tested on management of a virtual fruit juice company.

The first round of SCALA’s supply chain competition was lead by a UK juice producer Gerber that also packages brands such as Umbongo and Welch’s. They were the last team to join, and won the trial round with members from across their staff. Gerber’s HR director Paul Hurst says that as well as team building, the main value of the game lies in providing experience without risk.

Competition will be tough in the next rounds, with teams from the UK’s industry leaders. John Perry, managing director at SCALA said: “The Fresh Connection game concept is unique in the UK and having already proved a successful formula elsewhere in Europe, has drawn significant interest from some of the leading organisations within the UK supply chain and logistics industry”.

Of the thirty five competing teams seven are Internationals from the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

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