Sunday 27th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Live TV interview: Nick Lefever, General Manager – Supply Chain , Telefónica O2

What does it take to create a supply chain winner? Telefónica O2 is leading the way with its groundbreaking approach to customer service and through the strategic realignment of its supply chain. It’s a strategy that won it the overall award for the European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2009.

By offering integrated support, and return & repair services, O2 are able to collate valuable data which creates additional product insight. This knowledge is used to influence key decisions such as portfolio management, R&D and sales and marketing strategy – the loop is closed, cutting across the end-to-end supply chain covering both supplier’s suppliers and customer’s customers.

By proactively managing the product portfolio and the end-to-end customer experience, O2 has reduced the cost of returns to the business and so has made a significant reduction in overall inventory within the supply chain to best in class levels.

Nick Lefever, general manager – supply chain, talks to Malory Davies, editor of Supply Chain Standard,  about the development of the strategy.

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