Wednesday 30th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

FedEx targets healthcare with super-cold service

FedEx has launched a service for shipping healthcare products around the world that uses nitrogen vapour technology to maintain a temperature of below -150 degrees Celsius.

The FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution is part of the carrier’s range of services for customers in the life sciences and biopharma industries.

It uses liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology that maintains a temperature of below -150 degrees Celsius for up to ten days using the CryoPort Express Dry Shipper.

Unlike dry ice, this technology is classified as non-hazardous, which eliminates the complexities associated with being classified as dangerous goods. In addition, the overall process is simple.

Customers place orders online through a customised FedEx portal. FedEx provides the pre-conditioned container to the customer to load their temperature-sensitive product. FedEx then delivers the container to its final destination while monitoring the shipment and intervening if needed during transit. Finally, FedEx picks up the container and returns it for refurbishing.

Carl Asmus, vice president of international market development, said: “This new service is not only non-hazardous, but it also reduces environmental impact through the use of a recyclable container and liquid nitrogen, which evaporates harmlessly.

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