Tuesday 29th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

BT demands climate commitment from suppliers

BT has introduced a climate change procurement standard that will apply to its suppliers, to reduce carbon emissions across more of its supply chain.

The standard encourages suppliers to use energy efficiently to reduce emissions during the production, delivery, use and disposal of products and services supplied to BT.

The standard will include three minimum expectations to be undertaken by all contracted suppliers:

*The supplier must have a policy to address the challenge of climate change;

*The supplier must actively measure and report carbon, as well as other relevant green house gas emissions.

*The supplier must set challenging targets to reduce emissions and report on progress.

Hugh Jones, managing director of Carbon Trust Advisory Services, said: “BT’s procurement guidelines go a long way to helping suppliers take ownership of the measurement and reduction of carbon emissions during their ‘custody’ of BT products and services.

What do you think about this move?  Tell us on our Linked In discussions page.

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