Monday 28th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Rail Freight Group pushes freight’s carbon credentials

The Rail Freight Group has urged the secretary-of-state for transport, Philip Hammond, to support rail freight in legislation to achieve government carbon reduction targets.

In a letter to the secretary of state, Tony Berkeley, chairman of the RFG, said: “There is no viable solution to decarbonising long distance HGV movements, and that rail freight can and will offer a low carbon alternative particularly with greater electrification of the rail network.

“Clearly achieving such a significant modal shift will not happen overnight, and not without support. However, it is time now to take a 25-30 year perspective on how this can be achieved. Polices such as planning, rail restructuring, capacity choices and electrification need now to support the long term goal and we would therefore urge DfT to consider now how this can be facilitated to ensure that the vital carbon trajectory is not missed.”

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