Saturday 6th Jun 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Regent Street consolidation contract extended

The Crown Estate has renewed its contract with Clipper logistics for its consolidated delivery solution for Regent Street for a further three years.

A two-year pilot contract was fulfilled successfully, under which central London store deliveries were consolidated outside the congestion charge zone. 

Deliveries are consolidated for multiple retailers and released from Clipper’s warehouse to arrive at the stores at pre-arranged times. The operation allows for deliveries to be made to better suit the retailer, and also offers full pre-retail services to make best use of store staff.

The initiative works alongside other measures to address traffic movements around Regent Street, and contributes towards achieving the central London air quality improvement targets.

Clipper reckons the project was the first of its kind in London and has benefited several Regent Street retailers including Liberty, Ferrari, Banana Republic, and Gap.

Peter Bourne of The Crown Estate said: “Clipper has provided a solution that is wide-ranging, yet targeted enough to provide tangible benefits to all parties, and we believe that this is a long-term solution that really delivers and we look forward to continuing a successful partnership.”

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