Saturday 17th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

UPS opens Olympic warehouse

UPS has opened a 331,000 sq ft warehouse in Stevenage which is dedicated to logistics for the 2010 London Olympic Games.

It secured the lease in October 2010, and began moving inventory into the facility in January.

The Stevenage facility will house sports equipment, computers, TV screens, timing clocks, furniture and staging equipment for medal ceremonies.

“You could have a boat down one aisle, a table tennis table down the next, a computer on the next aisle, and you could have something for the ceremonies in the next. It’s hugely diverse, which makes it totally unique.”

UPS has a second facility dedicated to the games at Tilbury. This 550,000 sq ft hub will take its first delivery of inventory next week. It will focus on more robust items such as outdoor equipment and furniture.

The supply chain itself will dictate which warehouse some items go to, for example furniture for the athletes’ village will be processed at Tilbury, because it will arrive there, at the port, on a ship from Asia.

UPS also plans to buy 10 bio-methane tractor units for use on its logistics operations for the games at Tilbury, depending on the results of an ongoing trial.

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