Thursday 25th Apr 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

BA chief lashes ‘daft’ new security rules

British Airways chairman Sir Martin Broughton has described new US rules for air cargo security as “daft”.

Delivering the CILT’s Aviation Lecture, he highlighted the fact that the new rules had been introduced with just six days notice and required additional checks on US-bound goods that have already been flown.

He said new US rules applying to Britain mean that cargo will have to be re-screened, will require additional resources, could lead to increased risks of hygiene of some goods and theft of others.

The CILT Aviation Lecture is held annually in memory of Air Vice Marshal Sir William Sefton Brancker who was president of The Chartered Institute of Transport from 1928-29.

[asset_ref id=”469″] Sir Martin Broughton

Sir Martin also questioned why airport security in Britain needed to be so much more complex than that in the rest of Europe. “The difference between the UK and the European baseline consists of 168 pages of UK regulation including 200 additional ‘More Stringent Measures’. Many of the differences are trivial – so why have them?”

Instead he called for the adoption of a holistic approach to security instead of just adding burdensome rules “being super-imposed on the existing structure every time there is a new security incident.”

And he said a risk-based approach should replace the current ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

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