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Mobile shopping searches treble in 2011

Mobile retail search traffic has risen by 181 per cent over the first quarter of 2011, compared with the same quarter last year.

Total retail search volumes grew by 29 per cent over the same period, according to the British Retail Consortium, and Google’s Online Retail Monitor. 

Searches from mobile phones accounted for 11 per cent of all retail searches.

[asset_ref id=”470″] Stephen Robertson

Stephen Robertson, director general, British Retail Consortium, said: “Online is the fastest growing part of retailing. We need to better understand that development and what’s driving it. Despite any short-term effects from weakening consumer confidence, what stands out here is the fundamental strength of the growth of online retailing.

“The rise of mobile use to one in ten searches sends a valuable message to any forward-thinking retailer that doesn’t yet have an m-commerce platform.

“The figures show, British retailers are very good at selling online and winning business from all parts of the world. What we need from politicians, UK and European, is a regulatory environment that helps that develop further.”

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