Sunday 29th Nov 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Skills gap at the top of food chain

Consistent skills shortages have been identifies across all sectors of the food supply chain, according to The UK Food Supply Chain Report published by research group Improve.

The food supply chain is the UK’s largest employer, accounting for 14 per cent of the total UK workforce. Skills gaps were found particularly at management, professional and skills trades level.

Head of research and sector insight at Improve, Sukky Jassi,said: “As well as specific and unique areas pertinent to farms, manufacturing and retail, there is clearly also a lot of common ground in the skills issues affecting businesses right across the FSC, and it is therefore logical to work collaboratively towards shared solutions where these exist.

“Working together will be key to achieving the improvements in performance and productivity necessary to achieve a secure, sustainable and competitive supply chain in the future.”

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