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Extended Supply Chain heads for Brussels

Brussels is the place to be for the next Extended Supply chain conference which takes place from 7th – 9th November.  The full agenda has now been released for conference and includes speakers from leading companies across Europe.


KEYNOTE: Demand Management Strategies for the Chief Supply Chain Officer: Bridging Internal Collaboration with External Market Inputs

In a recent Aberdeen survey of 191 supply chain executives (Chief Supply Chain Officer Survey 2011), 45 per cent of respondents indicate that their supply chain was disrupted by a sudden increase in customer demand. In fact, this ranked as the top supply chain disruption over the past 12 months by survey respondents. Managing demand effectively has become the key to profitability for the Chief Supply Chain Officer. The focus of this benchmark report is to explore the demand management process within the various elements of the demand network such as manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Specifically the focus of the research is whether the internal collaboration or customer demand sensing are performed effectively by companies and what its impact on business performance is.

Speaker: Narayanan Viswanathan, Vice President & Principal Analyst Supply Chain Management, Aberdeen Group.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Supply chains need a collaborative cross-functional expertise to transform their supply network

* From supply chain operations to marketing and finance – Why is collaboration so hard?

* How do you promote cross-departmental synergy across the enterprise?

* How can we remove those information silos which are causing bottlenecks in the organisation?

* The supply chain has to be a customer-focused, collaborative and cross-functional to be competitive

Panellists: Coen Terlingen, SVP Operations, Sara Lee International. Rick Hamilton, Vice President Technical Services, Cisco Systems. Jeroen Diderich, Vice President Sales & Customer Service, Avery Denison.

KEYNOTE: Beiersdorf’s “passion for success”: Supply chain transformation through internal process orientation

As the leading international branded consumer goods Company for skincare products, Beiersdorf, drives one core value proposition when it comes to their supply chain: effective execution. The organisation underwent a complete supply chain transformation with the goal to achieving a highly efficient customer driven value chain which is not only aligned but an integral part to the future success of the business. In this session Daniel Weber will explore:

* How the supply chain management strategy has assisted in creating a successful business and value contribution to their customers and brands

* The transformation to develop a global process organisation reflecting on key implementation strategies

* The background processes to realigning the Beiersdorf supply chain

* Tools and strategies to measure progress and success based on a set of key performance indicators

* The task of aligning these functions across the supply chain

Speaker: Daniel Weber, Vice President Global Supply Chain Management, Beiersdorf AG.

CASE STUDY: You can’t improve what you don’t measure – measuring the performance of your end to end supply chain

The complexity and scope of global supply chains means measuring your performance still remains to be a challenge for many companies. This session will explore:

* How focusing on quality metrics rather than quantity will aid effective and efficient performance measurement and improvement.

* How good metrics require people, tools and process which transcend right across the enterprise taking into account company strategy to show meaningful performance.

Speaker: Michel Schuetz, Vice President Operations & Supply Chain – Materials Operations Europe, Avery Dennison.

Streamed Thought Leadership Panels

* The Next Step in the Evolution of S&OP, hosted by Oliver Wight

* The Agile Supply Chain: Competing in Volatile Markets

* The Future: Supply Chain 2020

* Demand Forecasting: Sensing & Managing Demand

* Vested Outsourcing: The Next Generation of Value Added Services

* Co-opetition and horizontal collaboration: Collaboration 2.0



KEYNOTE: Managing Risks in the Extended Supply Chain – Moving Towards Design-Centric Businesses

Supply chain risk has become of primary concern to many businesses today. Firms have become more dependent on their suppliers and customers for financial success. However, processes and performance are often difficult to assess outside the boundaries of their respective firm, potentially leaving those firms vulnerable to the unknown. Therefore, as supply chains get longer and more complex, how can companies mitigate risk and drive competitive advantage?

Speaker: Prof Omera Khan, Hull University Business School.


* Elevating your S&OP process through visibility and collaboration

* Supply chain metrics: measuring the performance of your end to end supply chain

* How can we collaborate with retailers to improve on shelf availability

* Integrating the supply chain: connecting the silos to become more efficient

* Leveraging your IT investments to improve visibility across your supply chain

* Horizontal collaboration in practice: The benefits and pitfalls

* To outsource or not to outsource – that is the question

* Preparing for disruption: Creating a risk integrated approach to understanding and managing risks across the supply chain

* The growth of emerging economies: what does this mean for low cost manufacturing and sourcing

* Supply chain customisation: developing a differentiated supply chain response to each market

PANEL DISCUSSION: Collaborating across the extended supply chain: The key to visibility and connectivity in our global economy

* A closer look at supply chain collaboration across outsourced manufacturing, supplier and customer partnerships

* Collaboration needs to go beyond linking information systems to fully integrating business processes and organisation structures

* The ultimate goal of collaboration includes early sensing of demand and gaining market intelligence improving visibility into customer demand and supplier performance

* Effective metrics and performance measurement in a collaborative environment

Panellists: Daniel Weber, Head of Supply Chain Management, Beiersdorf AG. Peter Ellmann, General Manager Supplier Management, BMW Motorrad.

Staying ahead of the pack: The road to operational excellence

In this session hear how leading healthcare giant, Abbott Laboratories effectively combined operational excellence by linking integrated IT systems to leverage savings and improvements for the company including over €100 million in inventory reduction and 50 per cent lead time reduction. Ulf Suerig will discuss and share with the audience the journey Abbott have been on how exactly they got to doing the right thing’s… right.

Speaker: Ulf Sürig, Head of Business Processes & IT Business Relations Management EPO/QC Supply Chain Abbott Products, Abbott Laboratories.

PANEL DISCUSSION: From supply chain to demand chain to value chain

* How is the growing importance of the end-consumer in the design and management of these chains reflecting both the effectiveness and efficiency relationship in the Value Chain?

* As the global landscape is changing what can companies do to be more nimble and responsive in creating unique value propositions?

* What industry and consumer trends will impact the future design of the value chain?

* Since demand has become more difficult to predict, how does the supply chain react to volatile demand patterns as a result of tighter budgets and price sensitive customers?

* How can companies counter demand irregularity while maximising customer service?

Panellists: Filip Christiaens, Vice President Demand Fulfilment, Alcatel-Lucent. Fokke van der Veer, Vice President Customer Supply Chain Europe, Unilever Benelux.

Pre Conference S&OP Day

Advancing sales & operations planning from supply chain to demand chain


Gerard de Bruijn, Global Leader – Integrated Business Management, BP.

John M Miller, Vice President World Wide Sales Operations, Dell.

Don Harding, Global Project Director – MBM, Mölnlycke.

Dr Paul Babbs, Head of Global Supply Planning, Adidas Group.

Marco Katz, Director Global IT, Logistics and Distribution, Cummins Generator Technologies.

Stewart Kelly, Managing Partner, Oliver-Wight.

Daan Boersma, European Planning & Logistics Director, Leaf.

Joost Claerbout, VP Quality & XPO, Barco.

Roel van Driel, VP Corporate Investments, Philips.

Matt Day, Integrated Business Planning Director, AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings.


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When and Where

7th – 9th November 2011
Hotel Bloom
Rue Royale 250
You can find full details of the conference at:


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