Tuesday 20th Aug 2019 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Agentrics extends access to procurement service

Agentrics is extending access to a sourcing and procurement service which until now has only been available to its retail client base.

The move follows six years developing its Discovery Services offer, which has helped retailers like Kingfisher and Migros cut costs by up to 30 per cent on regular orders on everything from stationery to new checkout machines.

Agentrics provides supply chain solutions for clients including Asda, Carrefour, Auchan, Marks & Spencer, PepsiCo, Casino, Walgreens, Coles and Best Buy. Discovery Services helps companies identify new sources of supply, give complementary information and significantly improve search criteria. Integration to its online bidding platform, ezMarket, also paves the way for an easier and more effective tender process.

After identifying and referring 60,000 pre-qualified suppliers in more than 2,000 different product categories and integrating its online bidding platform to have them all compete for the best terms and conditions, Agentrics will roll-out the service to other industries, including manufacturing and service industries.

Jim Conroy, head of sales in Europe for Agentrics, said: “The majority of companies tend to rely solely on a chosen few suppliers and rarely have the time, inclination or even language capabilities to open up to a whole global subset of others.

“We can open their eyes to new, often stronger supplier possibilities, all easily approachable through a secure, online negotiation platform. What’s more, with increased competition, comes lower prices.”

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